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Sterling's Journal

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  2007.05.09  08.09
Good morning

I hope life is treating you well. I'm guessing livejournal is about to purge old user names so I thought I'd log it or lose it so to speak.

Mood: curious

  2003.05.12  09.39

If some of you suddenly see the name "Fayme" on your friends list, it's because I've created a new live journal name and I'm gradually consolidating all my live journal entries to that name. I hope some of you will add me to your friend's list as well so we don't lose track of each other. Thanks.


  2003.05.06  18.06

Moving was just insane. Four days straight of schlepping boxes on and off a rented truck. Four days of pinched fingers, freyed nerves and sore muscles. Next time a place I'm renting decides to go on the market, I hope giant camel fleas infest their nether regions. And just when I thought the nightmare was over, I hear my front door open and a man walks right in. He proclaims that he is here to fix the bathroom (which as far as I can tell wasn't broken and I'm thinking he could be the next ax murderer on the block)." He seemed really put out when I told him not to start anything until I checked with the management. Sure enough, they had asked him to come over, told him where a key was outside (that I didn't know about), and to convert the bathtub to a shower stall. I'm thinking, why wasn't I told? The guy thought the apt. was still vacant and thought nothing of walking right in, leaving the front door wide open. And our two cats had just calmed down after the move. They ran in 10 directions at once, and then the guy started shattering all the existing tile in the bathroom.
As if that wasn't bad enough, he plugged in a radio without asking, and next thing I know we are listening to the Dr. Laura talk show. Someone asked about business trips, and she says if male and female co-workers have to travel together, they should take a chaperone. Not only is that ridiculous, who is paying for this extra person? And is it a male chaperone or a female one? Sounds like a threesome waiting to happen if you ask me. And how is this suppose to prevent affairs and infidelity? I don't care how many degrees that woman has...she's a nutcase.
At any rate, hours later the cats finally came out of hiding.


  2003.05.06  18.04
Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

What Flavour Are You? Tomato is what I taste like.Tomato is what I taste like.

I taste like nothing, except a tomato. I'm sometimes sweet and sometimes tart; sometimes juicy, sometimes crisp. The roles of a tomato are many and varied. I am an exception to all the rules. What Flavour Are You?


  2003.03.29  10.55

It's going to be a hot day in S. Calif.


  2003.03.29  08.49

Man, my new job is kicking my butt. You just haven't lived until you've spent the day putting people on the tallest ride at Knott's Berry Farm. I took today off just to let my blisters heal. On the good side, maybe I'll lose weight now that I'm running around like a chicken with my head cut off 8 hours a day.


  2003.03.29  08.41
art survey

Visit this and other SelectSmart.com selectors:
Which Famous Artist Are You?
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What were your results?</b>


  2003.03.24  17.46
Spring fever!

</b> Happy Beltaine!</font></div>


  2003.02.24  19.26
It's raining outside.

Well I survived the days in a motel, though it was maddening that I couldn't get the internet connection to work. I passed the time watching all the cable channels I don't get and got some great new ideas in spite of myself. One of the shows was on making lamps out of junk, so I came home and turned one of my lanterns into a lamp using the parts from a beat up lamp I found on the curb. Total cost $3.
On Sat. we went to a knife show, and once again I watched the woodcarver and wondered when I was going to get around to learning to do that. Well, he had a flyer that shows a local group meets about a mile from my house. So I bought some basswood at the 25% off sale at Art Supply Warehouse, and a decent dover book on whittling and I'm working on my first project. I almost blew it though. This morning I woke up and checked my bank balance and had a whole three cents in there, if you subtract my $25 ISP payment that goes through tomorrow. Thankfully, I just got a check for $30 in the mail, so that's going in the bank tomorrow. Man, I hate living this close to the edge.


  2003.02.15  21.55
Fumigation happens

It's been a busy day. This morning I did a pastel drawing at the local swapmeet. For all the effort of riding the bus there, in the end I drew a coral tree and 3 people standing nearby, and didn't draw the swap meet at all. I meant to take some 'slice of life' digital photos there for a future painting, but all I took photos of were the trees. I find this area so much uglier than San Luis Obispo. It's hard to get inspired to document it on canvas.
I've been working on my geocities webpage (www.geocities.com/pigglewiggins) and I finally figured out how to load a webcam onto it.
I also worked on my Ebay projects. I'm trying to post at least one thing a day, until I run out of money to place the ads. Nothing ventured nothing gained, but I'm really not holding my breath.
I'm going to be out of my apt. for 4 days for fumigation, and that is going to slow down my art schedule.
My boyfriend wants me to 'cat sit' two cats in the motel room for 4 days, so no one accidentally let's them out. I can understand his concern, but what if I had a 9 to 5 job? Would he expect me to call in sick to cat sit? He's got the flu so I didn't want to argue with him about it, but sheesh.


  2003.01.31  16.15
Heat Wave

It's about 90 degrees today. That's high even for Jan. in Calif. At the archery range someone has been doing some maintenance work. They's repainted the ground markers and painted some of the fence post to serve as markers for 20,30 and 40 yards.
As for art, I've been working on my knitted scarf in brown and rust ombre yarn. And Pearl got in the black and silver yarn I needed to finish the spider web dress I'm crocheting. I've been waiting since last Oct. for that. so yesterday I made another circle to add to the back of the dress.
When I got up this morning, Wallop the cat had dragged the sock I'm knitting up a flight of stairs. One of the needles had come out of the stitches and so I hope I put them back on right. Cats!
The artist I'm studying this week is Leighton. Google him up if you want to learn more. He had a way with painting women.
I also visited a place called Hobby City and got to go to the gem store, the reptile store, the Indian bead shop, an antique shop and a crafter's mall. Unfortunately, the store I wanted to see the most was the wild west store, and they've evidently moved to Anaheim. Since I didn't know how to get there by bus, I just came home.
I was hoping to paint today, but I just found out we are going to have an unexpected house guest. Cheers, Zel


  2003.01.26  00.37
Poetry site

I met a man at a pagan mixer through www.meetup.com that has a site dedicated to pagans and their poetry. My name on that site is hypno_kitty. So if you like to write or read poetry, hop on over to www.paganpoet.com. Thanks.


  2003.01.26  00.28
Art Projects Part 2

I'm in the middle of so many things. I started doing a photo montage tarot deck. But I'm out of batteries for my digital camera so that's on hold. So far I got through the 10 of cups, the 2 of cups, the 10 of wands, and the ace of cups.
I also started a necklace made of turquoise chips and little gold turkish bells. I like the way it looks. Now I just need to figure out how to add a fastener to the ends.
I found a book at a library called Indian Baskets and that was very inspirational. I need to get over to Frank's Cane and Rush and pick up some more basketmaking supplies. Up to this point, I've only made pine needle baskets, and I'd like to make the woven kind now. I also have some raffia I need to do something with. I've had that for a long while. I don't really want to store things anymore...I want to make them into something and get them out there were they can be used and appreciated. And if I should have to move again, I sure don't want to drag this stuff with me yet again.
No one ever really talks about what to do with all the piles of art that accumulate in an artist's home or studio over the years. It takes a lot of time and care to keep prints from getting crumbled, paintings from getting marred, etc. And space is always an issue. I would love to get into mosaic art, or stained glass, or pottery but I just don't have that kind of room.
Ah well, this post is getting long so more later.


  2003.01.26  00.17
ART projects Part 1

So many things have happened to me since I last posted. I've decided to turn this into my art journal. In times of depression or solitude or disappointment, doing art is usually my path back to sanity. With so many voices trying to manipulate us all the time, art is one of the few places where I can still hear myself think.
As far as projects go, I started knitting a pair of socks. I chose wild colors that reflect my inner spirit. The red has flecks of metallic gold in it. Then there is a deep muted blue, a lavendar and white. But the socks quickly frustrated me and I had a new knitting magazine handy, so I set the socks aside and started knitting a rather mindless scarf. (cast on 39 stitches) Then, purl 3, knit three to the end of the row. Turn. Row 2: knit 3, purl 3, repeat to end. Change colors at whim, keep going until scarf is as long as you want it. I find this kind of knitting very relaxing, though not particularly brilliant.
Then tonight something got me to thinking about linoleum block printing and lithograph printing. I really admire the work of Icart. And back in the 70's I made some linoleum block prints. But it wasn't until tonight that I did a web search on it, and found out Picasso pretty much invented linoleum block printing. Fascinating. Most inspiring though, was an artist's website I happened upon that had prints for sale, and the business side of me lit up. I should definitely look into making prints to sell, but I probably won't use linoleum blocks, but rather the eraser carving material that NASCO sells. Man, I love that stuff. I've been carving my own eraser stamps for years. Time to take it to a bigger format. Don't ask me where I'm going to get the money to buy the stuff though.


  2002.08.23  14.45

If anyone is still reading this, I thought I should do an update. I made another trip to Central CA via train. The cafe car guy was a riot, even singing the Sarah Lee jingle and telling everyone thank you for helping all the employees keep their jobs, since Amtrak is not making a profit. I saw a few dolphin, lots of sea birds, and best of all, a very handsome man sat near me and fell asleep so I got to be very voyeuristic too. He looked like a rock star on the way to a business meeting.
I got to paint faces with my 2 daughters, the first time all 3 of us have been at the same event doing the same thing. That was wonderful. I'm a little rusty, so I can honestly say they paint better than I do now. I just can't find as many face painting gigs in s. calif. The market is glutted with amatures that undercharge.
And agents figure if they can get someone dirt cheap, why hire someone with 20 years of experience.
I went to the archery range two days ago, and I'm happy to say I shot 2 balloons from 30 yards, and one from 20 yards, and for once, came out ahead of the two men I was shooting with, for which they teased me to no end.
And me with my long bow while they were shooting recurves too. Neener neener.
If anyone knows where to order shafts that are a light poundage for target archery for a reasonable price, please let me know.
My friend made some awesome airbrushed wooden arrows with stars, moons and comets on them. I guess he had to find something to do while I was out of town 5 days. They sure came out great.
I haven't had time to write any songs lately.
One of the belly dancers I know was on 30 seconds of Fame. She got buzzed off, which totally annoys me because some of the acts sucked, like some 84 year old doing viagra jokes. And he didn't get buzzed off. Grrr. If it's not Hip Hop or rap acts, the audience just burns them. I haven't seen a juggler win yet. Ah well, no accounting for the taste of the masses.
Well, time to go visit the hypnosis chat on Yahoo. Ya'll come back now, hear?


  2002.08.12  14.36

Take The Princess Quiz by Azure Eyes

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Your crown is a thin band of jewels.
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  2002.08.07  18.23
Fabric shopping

I wanted to get some witchy fabric for a costume I'm making and I was waiting and waiting for some to go on sale at JoAnne's. Then a friend was going to Jenny's so I hopped on it, and found some great black fabric with flocked spider webs for only $2 a yard. I wasn't 'sure how much the pattern called for so I looked it up when I got home. It only takes 2 yards so that leaves plenty for other accessories.
I already got a witch hat to go with it, and added black maribou feather trim to the outer rim. Today I went to an adult store and they had some black raven wings, and some fairy wings with white maribou trim. Very tempting but expensive.
I'd live in costumes every day if I could.


  2002.07.29  23.19
My weekend

It's been an odd few days. Yesterday at the archery range, I just didn't feel like putting on sunscreen. That is so unlke me and now I'm paying for it with the worst sunburn I've had in years. Thank the goddess for aloe! As if that weren't frustrating enough, last night I bit my tongue. So after teaching all day today, it's feeling swollen. Ick.
Last night my sunburn kept waking me up, so I feel like I didn't get much sleep. But I didn't want to cancel the classes today either, because it is such a pain to reschedule them and I already have 2 make-up classes hanging over my head already.
Then just when today was stressful enough, one of my groups on Yahoo sent me a nice worm virus. The new virus checker I downloaded found it, but it had infected 38 files. So I spent my only free time between classes today cleaning my computer. Grrr.
A few days ago I found a cute site called Neopet. www.neopet.com
That site could seriously become a time suck with all the fun things to do on there. It's a bit on the dorky side, so it probably won't hold my interest for long, but it's fun to create a few virtual pets, play a few silly games and relax a bit. I have that practical Capricorn side that won't let me do frivilous things for too long, but it's nice to take a mental vacation.
It looks like our plans to move to NM aren't going to happen. So now I need to look for new income sources here. At least I hadn't cancelled any of my bookings or classes yet. But the thought of being stuck in southern CA is less than appealing.
Ah well, this is getting too long, and I'm not sure anyone reads this stuff anyway. So POOF.


  2002.07.21  14.07
Sad today.

This has been a busy and hard week. A friend of mine has terminal cancer. The doctors sent her home when they couldn't think of anything else to try. She is in good spirits though.


  2002.07.10  17.49

Hello Wallop. Didn't know you could type, without opposable thumbs and all.

Mood: cheerful

  2002.07.09  19.06

What Flavour Are You? I am Chocolate Flavoured.I am Chocolate Flavoured.

I am sweet and a little bit naughty. I am one of the few clinically proven aphrodisiacs. Sometimes I can seem a little hard, but show warmth and I soon melt. What Flavour Are You?


  2002.06.30  22.33
SCA Archery championship/CAID

I've posted photos of the SCA event called QUEEN'S CHAMPION ARCHERY held at U.C.S.D. this Sunday. I will leave the photos up for a week. http://pages.prodigy.net/gypsydancer/photosoftheweek.htm
For those of you who couldn't attend, Paganus won once again. The King said it was the largest turn-out he's ever seen at a local SCA event. Check out the photo of the 2nd flight and then double it if you want to visualize how many archers were shooting.
Guy Taylor won the William Tell shoot by shooting an apple off a styrofoam head from 35 yards. Way to go.
As for me, I got a nice red nose from too much sun. I don't think there was a blade of grass anywhere on the range. It's covered in bark chips.
Thanks to the autocrats for a great event.


  2002.06.27  23.47
Alls well that ends well.

Tonight was very odd. I saw the Three Stooges, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball. I spent four hours gluing rhinestones to people's faces and the cleavage of women. I got to sit by an lady airbrush tattoo artist who could have made a decent living as a bouncer. I was surrounded by cadillacs, poodle skirts and re-runs of Happy Days. All in all, I can't say tonight was dull. Sometimes I love my job.


  2002.06.23  00.08
Time clocks are evil

I'm not one of the cubical people. I just couldn't live that way.


  2002.06.22  07.36
10 quirky things I've done

1. Danced with a python
2. Belly danced at a Laker's game
3. Hypnotized a star basketball player at a university and had him sing like a Virgin as Madonna
4. Shocked people on line by telling them what they look like even though I don't know them in real life. One guy thought I must be in a class of his and had been spying on him.
5. Survived 2 c-sections.
6. Lost my brakes on the LA Freeway
7. Predicted the sex and hair color of a friends baby
8. Predicted an earthquake hours before it happened
9. Used a pendant my friend gave me as a pendulum to find a necklace she had lost downtown.
10. Drove coast to coast and back once by myself.


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